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Christopher D. Glabach, a native Vermonter, is the president of Vermont eScapes, Inc. Chris has twenty years of experience in the landscape industry working for the Glabach family landscaping company. The company, D. Glabach Associates, is a 44 year-old business in the Stratton area. During his time at D. Glabach Associates, Inc. Chris received an Associates in Business Management degree from Champlain College and a Bachelor's in Landscape Architecture from Colorado State University. 

Chris with wife Honie.

Landscape design by Vermont eScapes

A staff member on the job.

"Find your passion in life..." has been our philosophy since Vermont eScapes' conception. Chris started Vermont eScapes Inc., after graduating from college and trying a career in his field of study but he never felt at home. Chris did a lot of soul-searching until realizing where his true passion came from. As a result, Vermont eScapes Inc., was created in September 2007. After his epiphany, Chris tries to share this trans-formative experience with others to bring out the most enjoyment in their lives.  Whether that is providing a creative, safe work environment for his employees, or providing services to his customers that will allow them more free time to do those things that they are most passionate about.

vermontescapes@gmail.com • Manchester Ctr • VT • 05255 • Phone: (802)430-4028